Popoki + Tea cat cafe opens its doors in Kaimuki

By E. Clarke Reilly

Popoki and Tea, a new cat cafe in Kaimuki, opened its doors Thursday evening to two sold-out, 75-minute sessions. Enthusiastic cat fans filled the bright, cozy space on Waialae Avenue while about a dozen cats sized up the humans who were eager to offer rubs and chin scratches or an enticing toy.

Owner Liberty Peralta partnered with KAT Charities, a foster-­based animal rescue organization, which provides the cafe with healthy, socialized cats ready for adoption. And for the time being, her focus is on adult cats. “The ones that have a hard time getting adopted,” she said.

When someone does want to adopt a cat from the cafe, Peralta wants to keep things as organized as possible while ensuring the environment for the kitties remains calm and stable. There will be a regular designated day adopted cats will go to the “fur-ever” homes and new cats will come in; there won’t be any same-day adoptions.

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