Business Roundtable: Improving Your Quality Of Life

Since 1966, our caring, expert staff at ‘Ohana Hearing Care has helped thousands overcome the problems associated with hearing loss. We know that when a family member has a hearing loss, the whole family has a “hearing problem.”

Those with even a mild hearing loss find themselves avoiding certain places and people. They lose confidence in their ability to carry on a normal conversation. This leads to stress, isolation and miscommunication. Help is available through modern technology.

What we do: First, we check your ear canals. Your hearing loss could be caused by a buildup of ear wax. Then, a simple hearing measurement is done to determine if hearing loss exists. Utilizing the latest technology, we test, evaluate and discuss the best treatment plan.

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Hearing professional Nhan Tran (left) tests a patient’s hearing at ‘Ohana Hearing Care. PHOTOS COURTESY OF ‘OHANA HEARING CARE