Career Tips to Know

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Know your value

Salary negotiation is tricky. Ask for too much and you may not get an offer; too little and you end up with less than you deserve. Research Hawaii pay rates for someone with your skills and experience. If a job offer is less than your salary requirement, it’s okay to counteroffer. Highlight the value you bring to the company and back it up with evidence of what someone with your background should earn and why.

Think like an employer

Stepping into the shoes of an employer can change the way you job search and help you stand out. Ask yourself, what can I do for this company? What are their needs and how will I fill them? One way to do this is to change the focus of your resume. Instead of highlighting your responsibilities, consider highlighting your accomplishments.

Ask questions after your interview

Asking questions after an interview can be as tricky as giving the right answers. But doing so demonstrates that the company and job are important to you. Ask question that engage the interviewer such as, “What do you enjoy most about working here?” or “What qualities does someone need to be successful in this position?”

Google yourself

A large majority of employers are Googling and researching applicants. Make sure your social media profiles aren’t hurting your chances of getting hired. Unsavory images or regrettable Tweets you thought were deleted could still be floating around. Remove questionable content about yourself, stay updated on privacy settings, and think twice before posting.

Identify your top three job must-haves

Are you willing to sacrifice pay for a shorter commute? Is a higher salary more important than conventional work hours? Prioritizing what’s important to you before you apply for a position will help you determine when to move forward with a job opportunity and when to keep looking.

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